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Thanks, Cows - Weather, Or Not — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Thanks, Cows [Dec. 26th, 2015|08:47 pm]
It's one of those clear, cold nights when sound carries a long way. Outside I can hear the cars passing along the main road to the west for more than a mile. The cars are the only sound I hear, other than an occasional breeze making the pine trees hum. I guess people with dogs are letting them stay indoors tonight, or maybe the dogs are just too cold to rouse themselves to bark.

I certainly wouldn't want to waste energy on barking tonight if I were a dog. I'd need that energy to keep myself from freezing. I probably wouldn't even bark if I saw burglars breaking into my peoples' house. If that family doesn't care enough about me to let me come indoors on such a cold night, well, they deserve to have their stuff stolen.

Unlike a dog (or my feral cats) I get to stay in a nice, warm(ish) house. I also get to eat sweet potato, which is in the oven right now and almost done. I'm going to put loads of butter on it. If the cholesterol gives me a heart attack and I die then I won't have to pay that huge utility bill that will result from running the furnace so much. It'll be a win-win! In fact butter might be the most enjoyable instrument of death known to mankind. Thanks, cows! Dr. Kevorkian could have learned a thing or two from you!