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Late this afternoon we had a brief sunshower, courtesy of some random clouds which passed over on their way to the mountains. Maybe they will drop a bit more snow at the higher elevations. The snowpack in the Central Sierra is currently at 119% of normal for this date, and They're already at 37% of normal for the end of the season, which comes on April 1. If El Nino stays strong there is a good chance we'll get at least a normal total snowpack for the season, and maybe a bit extra. It's very good news. The Central Sierra region is outperforming the Northern and Southern regions. The north (I live at the southern end of the northern region) is also ahead of normal for the date, at 114%, but the south is only at 89%. There's time for it to catch up, though.

As much as I appreciate the rain, I'm still looking forward to the heat wave that is predicted for the next weekend. Daytime highs are supposed to get up into the mid-fifties, and nocturnal lows could be as high as 38. What a luxury! It could save me two or three bucks off of my next utility bill. Plus it will give my ass a chance to grow back, at least partly, after having been frozen off tonight.

I decided that tonight would be another baked potato night, instead of having the lasagna. There are still a couple of potatoes from the ten pound bag I bought a couple of weeks ago, and I want to use them up before they grow too many eyes. The five pound bag I bought last week should probably be in the cold garage, to keep them from sprouting. I'll put it out there later, if I remember.

It doesn't feel like Friday. Holidays always throw me off. I'm glad they're almost over.

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