rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Queasy Does It

My dinner is not making friends with my stomach tonight. I made a large meal, which I am no longer used to, so that's probably the problem. Most likely I'll end up spending the rest of the night sitting as quietly as possible in front of the television, so as not to disturb anything. I'd intended to finish off the apple pie tonight, but that won't be happening unless my stomach settles down.

I'm also not sure that Weather Underground knows what it's talking about anymore. I just checked it to see what the latest news on tomorrow's weather is and it says that today there is a 100% chance of rain. Today is almost over and not only did we have a lot of chilly sunshine but I doubt the few, slow-moving clouds that are out right now will be sending any rain down through the bright moonlight.

But a special advisory says there could be something it calls "mixed precipitation" around 3:45 this morning. It must mean rain with some slushy snow. With any luck I won't be awake to see if that happens, but then I might not have any luck. I haven't had any luck for the last three nights, and have ended up going to sleep later each morning and waking up later each afternoon. The good side of this is that I have been getting plenty of sleep.

This week's shopping schedule is undecided. Safeway isn't having a Friday sale this week, and no rain is expected after tomorrow, so the day I go is not important. I was going to make a list tonight, but I don't feel like thinking about food. It can wait for tomorrow. Actually I don't feel like thinking about anything right now. I'm going to go see if Portia will curl up next to me and purr.

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