rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time to Freeze

The departure of the storm has left chilly air and partly cloudy sky. The gibbous moon is shining through the bare twigs and branches of the oaks and the walnut tree which cast their shadows on the damp, leaf-strewn ground. It now looks as though the next storm, set to arrive Thursday, will not last late enough to bring snow,though if it does it will certainly be cold enough for snow. It's going to be a very cold week, with nighttime temperatures dipping into the twenties and daytime highs seldom rising above fifty.

I've been semi-hibernating, sleeping about nine hours a day, though I usually wake up several times and then go back to sleep. I haven't been getting to sleep until fairly late, so I'm not seeing much of the foreshortened daylight. Neither am I seeing much of the long nights, as I'm inclined to stay indoors under a pile of blankets. The feral cats probably miss my frequent nocturnal visits to which they have been accustomed during the warmer seasons. Portia, however, seems happy to have me mostly to herself.

The week before Christmas is probably the worst week of the year for television. There's practically nothing on but holiday-related schmaltz, and practically everything else is reruns. The week after is usually pretty bad, too, though at least the schmaltz should be gone and there are likely to be a few movies worth watching. I'm looking forward to January and its return to normalcy. In the meantime I'm running out of books to re-read. Ive got a lot of them in boxes in the garage, but I let my nephew store some stuff out there and most of it ended up on top of my boxes, so I can't get at them anymore.

Come to think of it, Comcast gives me some on-demand stuff, though rooting around in the system they have for accessing it is hellish. Still, it might be worth the trouble if I'm able to find something that doesn't have Santa Claus or cute moppets in it. Something English with a nice murder or two it it would be perfect, but I'd settle for even a tasteless American murder. I'm getting desperate. I need something to counteract the holiday saccharine.

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