rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Last Day of Autumn

The storm generated a very nice fog this afternoon, limiting visibility to about two hundred feet. The pine trees at the end of the block turned vague, and the wet, bare branches of the walnut tree in my back yard seemed blacker than ever by contrast. The fog, frequently full of mist, lingered all afternoon and into the evening, and I can tell by the lights of nearby houses that it remains pretty foggy even now, although the rain has resumed. There is something very relaxing about a nice fog.

Other places around the region have been getting strong winds, but they haven't appeared here this afternoon or evening. It must have been windy here earlier in the day because the porch was entirely wet when I woke up, so I guess I slept through it, but since the fog settled in we haven't had more than gentle breezes and an occasional gust that sends droplets falling from the oak tree to rattle on the porch roof.

There is to be more rain tomorrow and then a break until the next storm moves in on Thursday. Again they are predicting a possibility of snow as low as 2000 feet, which would include me, but I'm not going to count on it. I'm starting to think this weather pattern might hold for a long time. We do need the water, but a few more breaks would be nice, too.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice. I'm not planning anything special for it, but at least there should still be pie. Goodbye, autumn. Hello, pie.

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