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Still Wet [Dec. 10th, 2015|10:34 pm]
There was a bit more rain today, most of it coming in the afternoon and becoming most intense just after nightfall. It seems to be over for now, and it is very quiet outside. The clouds are not going away, though, and not only could the rain resume tonight it might fall tomorrow as well. It looks as though I might not escape a drenching by shopping Friday instead of Sunday, but as a drenching would be almost a certainty on Sunday it's just as well that I've arranged to go tomorrow instead. Next week it's likely that it will rain both days, so even if my luck holds out this week it could fail next week.

Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be clear, and might bring the only sunshine we'll see for quite some time. It probably won't last long enough to dry out the leaves I've still got piled in the back yard, or the fresh leaves that are now falling in the front yard. December appears to be determined to be a nasty month, as well as a costly one. The furnace has been running a lot, and I'm anticipating this month's utility bill with considerable trepidation. Too bad trepidation isn't legal tender. I'd be rich.

If I manage to rid myself of all the leaves this month, then January should be considerably more pleasant, no matter how much rain or cold it brings. There won't be any onerous outdoor tasks to be done, and I'll be able to sit back and enjoy the gloomy skies and soggy world, which have considerable romantic appeal. At least as long as the power doesn't go out. Nothing puts a damper on my romance with winter like freezing in the dark.

Again today I forgot to have tea and biscotti. I don't know what keeps driving it out of my head. I had everything set out and ready to go and then never went back into the kitchen until it was too late for tea. Tomorrow I'll be shopping and I don't like to use caffeine before going out, and it will be too late when I return, so the tea and biscotti will have to wait until Saturday. Then, if I remember, I think I'll put the package of tea right next to the computer keyboard. If I keep bumping into the package maybe I'll remember to make the tea. I guess it all depends on how demented I am by Saturday.

The local PBS stations are doing their seasonal begathon, so no English people will be murdering one another on those channels tonight. I'm sorely disappointed. Now I have to find something else not holiday-themed on television. That gets harder to do as we draw closer to The Day. Well, perhaps one or another of the channels will show my favorite Christmas movie, Terry Gilliam's Brazil. That always cheers me up.