rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So far the current storm has been persistent but not especially intense. It has drizzled or sprinkled all day, but there have been no impressive downpours, so the gutters have not overflowed nor has the back porch been flooded. It's pretty chilly but, on the whole, pleasant and peaceful. Were the current conditions to persist for days on end I'd find it tedious, but there will probably be a break in the storm tomorrow so that, even if there is no sunshine, at least there will be an end to the incessant dripping.

It always seems closed in during such a storm. Sounds don't travel very far, and the gray curtain of rain and vapor conceals the distance, so the world feels shrunken. Even by night the world is smaller, as the low clouds hide the stars. I spend more of my time in the house, as there is nothing to go out for except to feed the feral cats and sniff the damp air. In fact I've pretty much vegetated at the computer all day. Sadly, the computer has done a lot of vegetating of its own, and its slowness has reduced what I might have accomplished.

Earlier I was going to have some tea and biscotti, but got distracted and forgot, and now it's too late in the evening to be drinking tea. I don't want to be kept awake by caffeine, and don't want to waste biscotti on flavorless decaffeinated tea. I'm going to have to fix something for dinner soon, but haven't decided what. A nephew devoured the leftover lasagna I'd planned on eating, so I'll have to come up with something else. It will probably end up being a can of beans again, or maybe I'll just microwave a couple more frozen burritos. I do that a lot after refrigerator visits by nephews. But at least I've still got beer.

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