rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Approach

So I did manage to get rid of some of the piles of leaves, but one is still out there hiding a big chunk of lawn. It's unlikely there'll be time to get it into the wheelie bin before the rain starts tomorrow. This particular storm is supposed to get pretty wild, with lots of wind and quite a bit more rain than the recent ones. I think it's the same storm system that hit Portland with three inches of rain yesterday, so I won't be surprised if we get a good soaking. I'm hoping it clears out or at least lets up by Friday so I can go shopping. Yet another storm is to hit Saturday and last through Sunday, so the weekend will be a bad time to go out.

This afternoon I manage to get to the store that was out of stuff Friday and get some of the stuff I wanted, but they are still out of the rest of it. Annoying. I also went to K-mart, which for some reason has been pelting me with bonus points that I can use for discounts. Over the last couple of months I've gotten something like fifty bucks off of various items, some of which were already on sale. Today I got a package to seven t-shirts for less than half price. Now they've given me a coupon that gives me ten dollars worth of bonus points on a ten dollar purchase, though I have to use it by the 18th. I might drop in Friday to see if they've got anything I need, if there's time.

The temperature is dropping rapidly this evening. It already smells like rain outside, though none has begun to fall. It was pretty much overcast all day, and I doubt I'll be seeing any stars tonight. Not unless I get hit on the head like a cartoon character, but that's something I intend to avoid, if at all possible. I hate when I end up in a cartoon.

Baked potatoes almost ready. Time to see what's on television.

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