rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Leafed Behind

Although it never got as high as sixty degrees today this was one of the two mild days expected this week. After tomorrow it will be back to some serious cold and rain. And despite the mildness I still haven't gotten around to getting those piles of (now damp) leaves into the wheelie bins. They are going to get even wetter if I don't deal with them tomorrow, and later this week it could get cold enough that they might get snowed on. As rain is either certain or possible for at least six days starting Wednesday I might not get another good chance to deal with them before they start getting really smelly from the damp and the rot. Plus I'm sure it's not good for what's left of the lawn to have the piles sitting on it.

I haven't even looked at the front yard to see how the mulberry leaves are doing. If the weather stays wet that could get pretty messy too. I know they are coming down, but I don't know how many have come down so far. A cold, wet December is not the best time to be dealing with leaves, and the mulberry leaves are big, nasty things— which is why they make such nice shade in the summer. I do hate handling them after they fall, though.

There's a lasagna in the oven for dinner tonight. I have to go make a salad and get ready to toast some garlic bread as soon as the lasagna comes out. I really need a nice meal after not dealing with leaves all day. Not dealing with leaves is so exhausting for the conscience.

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