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Safeway had a kitty litter sale I hadn't seen in their ad or on their web site, so I ended up spending more than I'd expected, but now I have enough litter to last through December. I also got a new winter coat at K-mart— originally $79.99 but marked down 60%. That was also unexpected. My old winter coat (also from K-mart) is looking a bit shabby, though it's still good for working in the yard, so I'm glad to have gotten a new one I can wear in public without looking homeless. Save Mart had navel oranges on sale, so I got a few, and there's also another frozen lasagna. It's good to be able to use the oven again.

The storm left some of its clouds behind, but they were big and fluffy and glowed brilliant white in the sunlight. It's supposed to get just a bit warmer tomorrow, even though the clouds are supposed to get thicker. Sunday's rain is supposed to be a bit lighter than Wednesday's was, but another storm will follow this coming Wednesday and Thursday, and they should be wetter. Yet another storm could follow that one, bringing rain through the weekend. So far it doesn't look like any of them will get cold enough to bring snow this low, but at least there's a bit piling up in the mountains. The drought probably isn't over, but one wet year could hold off its worst consequences for a while.

A while ago I heard raccoons in the back yard cracking walnuts. There are still a few nuts hidden under the strew of leaves in the back back yard, and I'm sure the raccoons don't have any trouble nosing them out. I don't expect to be gathering any more this year myself. I already have so many I probably won't finish them before next year's crop starts to come in. There are still some nuts hanging onto the tree, but when they fall I'll just leave them. Any that don't fall I'm sure the squirrels will pluck.

I didn't wake up until after nine o'clock this morning, but it's been a busy day and I'm already yawning. I'll probably fall asleep watching television pretty early tonight. I do that a lot anymore. If there was anything to sleep teaching I'm sure I'd be ready to launch a career hosting late night infomercials by now. But I'd rather not. I'll just stay here watching my feral cats get older, while they watch me do the same.

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