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One of the annoying things about cold weather is if I get an itch I have to scratch it through too many layers of clothing, which is often ineffectual. It strikes me that this must be a problem for many people living in colder climes, so it's a great business opportunity for a clever inventor. Somebody who could come up with clothing that can scratch an itch would make a fortune. Of course it would have to be something that didn't scratch all the time, but only when you wanted it to. Otherwise we could all just wear wool, which is scratchy already. Somebody get to work on that right now, please.

We got a decent soaking today, and tonight we're getting some stiff breezes. I do enjoy a blustery night, though this one has been playing havoc with my Internet connection. So far the electricity is okay, though, so I'm not going to worry about the lesser problem of having to wait to open web pages. As long as the furnace stays on and I can microwave my tamales for dinner I can go on enjoying the blusteryness. Blusteriness. Blustitude. Whatever it's called.

Once again Sunday is expected to bring rain so I've arranged to go shopping tomorrow. Not much is on sale this week, so it shouldn't take too long unless there are mobs in the stores, which there could well be. December is kind of a messed up month, and I'm always glad to see it end. But tonight we've still got almost the whole damned thing ahead of us. I hope to sleep through as much of it ass possible. I managed to sleep about ten hours last night, and hope that the extra rest last night doesn't keep me awake tonight. Perhaps one of the boring, sentimental, preachy Christmas shows on the Hallmark channel will put me to sleep. Glurge can be a pretty good soporific.

I also hope my Internet connection is strong enough to quickly post this entry.

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