rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a splendid overcast all day, the steely, blue-gray sky bright only where the unseen sun burnished it with a platinum hue. A small squirrel spent over an hour in the nearly-bare walnut tree, chattering to itself as it scampered about, gathering and eating a few of the nuts that still cling to the bony twigs. Once it departed the afternoon fell nearly silent, the sound of cars occasionally passing nearby softened by the heavy air. It was like being wrapped in a mass of cold cotton.

Tonight the overcast has differentiated itself into clouds, and those are gradually breaking up, providing glimpses of patches of stars. The moon has not yet shown itself, but soon will. The temperature has as yet barely declined from that of the chilly day, and it will not get as cold tonight as it did last night. The next two days will be a bit milder, and then the next storm will arrive bringing more chill. The long range repeats this pattern.

The coming storms are not expected to be very wet, but the rain will be sufficient to keep things damp between each of them. The season is settling into monotony. Winter officially begins in a little over three weeks, though we are already enduring winter temperatures. It would be nice to get some snow, as long as it's going to be cold anyway. It seems like a waste of a good freeze to have nothing frozen but the water in the feral cats' bowls.

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