rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The shopping is out of the way for the week, and the grocery stores were only moderately hectic. I got cat food, cat litter, and a pudding ring (not for the cats) from Safeway. The pudding rings were half price, and there were six different kinds, so it took me forever to decide which one to get. I couldn't buy two as even the one is apt to go a bit stale before I can finish it.

I suppose I could have bought more and frozen them, but pudding rings don't freeze very well even though they are actually cakes, despite their name. They are fairly gooey for cakes, and that is probably why they don't freeze well. Besides which my freezer is already stuffed with frozen pies, so there probably wouldn't be enough room for multiple pudding rings.

Anyway, I also got deals on soup, which is nice this time of year, and some tangerines, which lend the kitchen a festive air (as well as a pleasant fragrance, at least in their immediate vicinity.) Best of all I don't have to go shopping again for another week.

The wind has been kicking up again today, so there's no point in doing any more raking yet. A few walnuts are still clinging to the tree, and as most of the foliage is now gone the squirrels are easy to see when they go after them. It's endlessly entertaining to watch them, and to watch the feral cats watching them. So far none of the cats have tried to catch any of the squirrels. They'd rather chase the leaves swirling groundward with every gust of wind.

I'm not spending too much time in the computer room, as I don't want to spend too much money heating it. I'm trying to confine myself to the living room and kitchen while the cold spell lasts. Letting the rest of the house get cold will probably knock thirty or forty bucks off the gas bill this month. I'm not sure if the television (a nice LED flatscreen) uses less electricity than the computer (a big desktop) does or not, but I might be saving a couple of bucks there, too.

So I'm going into the living room to watch television from under a heap of blankets now. Portia will undoubtedly follow me, as the heater vent in here is now closed and this room is already getting chilly. Another cold day tomorrow. It's likely to be that way for quite some time. Winter has arrived a month ahead of the solstice. I hope it's a wet one. I'd like to see a very green spring next year.

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