rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Evening is blustery once more, and leaves are flying everywhere and skittering down the street in waves. Most of the day was merely breezy, and for a while the water in the feral cats' bowl was rippling in the breeze as the low midday sun reflected an oval of dancing fractals of light from the water's surface onto my wall. The large, metal wind chimes my next door neighbor hung on her back porch some time ago have been bonging solemnly, lending the atmosphere a vaguely religious tone. The small, fluffy clouds that decorated the afternoon sky with reflected light have vanished, leaving a clear path for the full moon that will soon rise.

It is quite cold for November, and a week of days as cold or colder lies ahead. There could be rain next Thursday. Beginning next Friday the daytime highs might rise into the mid-50s, and the nights drop no lower than 40, but I don't know how long that heat wave will last. For now I have to keep an eye on the outdoor pipes, lest they freeze overnight and burst and begin leaking. My next PG&E bill is bound to be large, and I certainly don't need an enormous water bill on top of that.

Because I woke late today and then had a late lunch I have had to delay my Thanksgiving lasagna until later tonight. I hope I can stay awake long enough to eat it before midnight. It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a lasagna.

As a rule I avoid going out on the Friday following Thanksgiving, even though this town is lacking the retail establishments that are most likely to turn into zoos on that particular day, but I have an opportunity to go grocery shopping tomorrow so I will brave whatever crowd might be out. It is apt to be mostly old people who can't get to the fancy emporiums of Chico. I don't know what out local K-mart will be like, but I might have to go there for cat food as I am almost out and I'm miffed at Safeway for being out of stock last week and would rather not give them my cat food business.

The grocery stores, which have catawampus advertising schedules due to the holiday, have not yet posted tomorrow's sale flyers online, so I won't even know until tomorrow morning what I'm going to be buying. I'll be glad when January arrives and brings normal patterns back to the world of commerce. And I wish Obama and those lazy gay Muslim atheists would hurry up and win their War on Christmas so I could keep my usual routine year-round.

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