rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So we didn't get any snow here yesterday or today after all. By the time it got cold enough for snow yesterday afternoon the storm was just about spent. We had a few minutes of hail and a bit of sleet, and then it was over. The sun came out for a while, and then the night was mostly clear, and though the clouds returned for a while today nothing fell from them.

But it certainly is cold out. The grass will probably be crunchy with frost before long as it is still damp from the rain— at least where it isn't sheltered by fallen leaves. In those places the leaves will get crunchy with frost. I intend to stay indoors to keep my toes from freezing. They got pretty numb when I went out this afternoon. My circulation ain't what it used to be.

Today's pie was pecan. I don't remember ever having it before (but then my memory ain't what it used to be either) and I can't say I like the thing on the whole. The pecans are good, as is the crust, but the filling is almost abominably sweet. I'm pretty sure that if I'd ever had pecan pie before I wouldn't be having it right now, as I avoid things that are terribly sweet. Especially when they are also of a rather gooey texture, which the filling of this pie certainly is. I'm hoping to foist most of it off on a nephew, so I can get on with the pumpkin pie that's waiting in the freezer.If he won't rid me of it I might have to just pick the pecans off and put the filling out for the raccoons.

I hear a bit of wind kicking up now. It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, but it's still going to be cold. All those turkeys are lucky to be going into nice, warm ovens. I'll probably be having the traditional Thanksgiving lasagna, myself. I'm especially thankful I won't have to eat turkey. Might envy people who get ham, though. I was always partial to ham.

Enough. Portia wants attention, and the cozy, warm light of the television awaits me. Maybe I'll microwave some popcorn. I certainly don't want any more of that pie.

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