rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It began raining around eight o'clock this morning, and the yard waste wheelie bins are just now being picked up, so I won't be putting the fresh piles into them today. The forecast is now saying that snow is almost certain later today or tonight. It's actually getting colder by the hour as more of the Arctic air moves in. By tomorrow morning I'll probably have a big pile of frozen leaves crusted with snow. It will take days for them to dry out, and I'll have to unrake them to make sure they are dry all the way down. There might be more rain early next week, so I'll have a pretty narrow window of opportunity for putting them into the bins.

There's been some gusty wind, too, and it's expected to get stronger later today. I'm already having trouble with the Internets. The service was out for about half an hour earlier, and even the telephone has been acting up. I don't know if the connection will be going away again or not, but chances are that it will, so I'm getting something posted now. Of course with the wind and the wet ground there's also always a chance that the power will go out. I might get cut off for a couple of days if that happens. I'm looking around for books to read, just in case. I'm pretty sure I've got enough batteries to keep my portable lantern running for a couple of days.

Despite the potential inconvenience I'm really enjoying the storm. It gets invigoratingly blustery at times, then calms down for a while to become evocatively moody. Right now the clouds are settling lower, so the rain has turned into mist and there could be a full-on fog soon. It's been a long time since we've had a good fog here, so I'm going to bundle up and go outside to be in it. Later there will be tea and biscotti to warm me up when I come back in.

Hope this posts.

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