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Lately, I've been doing a bit of writing on paper. Although it may be hard to tell from the brief paeans to various web sites and the bits of word jewelry about trees and clouds which I post here with what even I consider a monotonous regularity, I am actually a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing. Not a complete perfectionist, mind you. Otherwise, I would not be using vague terms such as "bit of a perfectionist," or facile phrases such as "mind you." But I am more of a re-writer than I am a writer. And, to my mind, the things I post here suffer from the fact that they are written on the run, and my attempts to edit and do some polishing while writing don't lead to the results I would like.


I don't find the computer keyboard congenial. I like to erase and insert and cross out words and phrases with a pencil. If I had grown up with the keyboard, perhaps I would be better at using it. But my medium has long been pen or pencil on paper, and I am seldom satisfied with anything I write with any other devices.

I am attempting to whip those paragraphs I have written into shape, and cobble them together into something reasonably coherent. They are mostly bits of personal history; things about rather ordinary events which stick in my mind for one reason or another. I don't know that they would be of interest to anyone other than myself, but, when I get around to posting them, I will probably make them public, anyway. They might provide someone a bit of distraction on some dull night when they have nothing else to do.

It is also useful for me to turn off the computer once in a while this time of year. The house stays hot most of the night in this weather, and Sluggo does not like the heat. I have found that, on very warm nights, he can stay on line for about an hour or so before he becomes unstable. Poor Sluggo. It's going to be a long summer, I'm afraid. But spending a bit of time writing on paper will give him a chance to cool off a couple of times a night. I think it will be better for both of us.

I don't know yet when any of this will be ready for posting, or how much of it there will be. Writing, I have discovered over the years, is done when it's done. You need to let it go where it wants to go, and then, when you re-write, you generally find other places it wants to go as well. So, it takes its own sweet time, if it is to be any good at all. I'd like to be one of those people who can just dash things out, but that simply isn't the way my mind works. When I just dash things out, they turn out like this post- rambling and semi-coherent, at best. Yes. I will write, and re-write, on paper, and Sluggo will cool off. The results will appear here, in the fullness of time.

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