rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This evening I enjoyed watching the waxing crescent moon. This is the time of year the lower right section is lit, so the moon looks like it is leaning back, relaxing. Or perhaps it is throwing its head back and laughing at us. Either way, the moon is obviously having a good time, and the good time is infectious. I feel more cheerful this evening than I did last night.

This despite the fact that I haven't gotten around to raking the leaves for several days, and the back lawn is now almost entirely carpeted with them. It's getting harder to find walnuts among the mass of leaves, though the fact that there are far fewer left on the tree undoubtedly contributes to their paucity on the ground. Not that I need any more. If, like a squirrel, I stored nuts in my cheeks they would be bulging. This turned out to be the best harvest in memory— at least in my yard. How the commercial growers did this year I don't know.

But even the un-raked leaves are not a big issue. Tomorrow the recycling bin goes out, and the yard waste bin doesn't go out until next week, so I've got plenty of time to get around to those leaves. Plus there is a string of sunny (though chilly) days coming up, and the leaves will be easier to deal with once they've gotten a bit dryer. The only down side I can think of, aside from the hidden walnuts, is that the lawn isn't getting any sun, so it isn't getting green. Or maybe it just died completely this summer. If it has, well, no mowing next spring. Hooray.

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