rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bearly Breathing

The shopping is out of the way for the week, sort of. Once again the store was out of the cats' favorite flavor of food. I have to get my head yanked by the chiropractor on Tuesday, so maybe the cat food I have on hand will last until then and I can stop to pick some up on my way home. Safeway was also out of the butter I'd planned to buy. Their competitor has it on sale for the same price, so I will get both the butter and the cat food there. Take that, Safeway! That should teach you to keep your shelves stocked (but I'm sure it won't.)

The day was surprisingly balmy, even a bit warmer than expected, so maybe tomorrow will be warmer than expected as well. It's been nice to have a bit of mildness before the chilly storm arrives Sunday. I believe it is the same slow-moving storm that is currently raining on the northwest. I hope Oregon doesn't use it all up before it gets here. I'm counting on it to bring more walnuts down from my tree, and I'd like to have some raindrops to watch while I'm having my tea and cookies Sunday afternoon.

The people at the end of my block have been getting some work done on their yard, and the workmen have been getting pizzas for lunch and tossing the boxes into a dumpster. The other night the people were wakened by noise in their yard and looked out to see a bear rooting through the dumpster, looking for pizza scraps. Apparently, ears are fond of pizza. I'll keep that in mind next time I have some, and make sure I keep the empty box in the house until trash night. I don't think my feral cats would want a bear for company.

The mildness is discouraging people from lighting their fireplaces, so the air smells nice tonight. Live pine trees smell much better than burning wood. I'm going to go out and sniff it for a while. I'll keep an ear open for any sounds that might be from bears.

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