rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Moon At All

The weekly grocery shopping is arranged for tomorrow so I won't have to run the risk of getting rain-soaked on Sunday. The coming storm is not expected to be as wet as the last one, but cells sometimes form over the ridge and drop lots of water in a short period, and I'd rather not get caught out in one of those. It's going to be a pretty cold storm, though, and there will probably be a bit of snow in the mountains. At this elevation nothing is expected but rain, despite temperatures dropping into the low thirties. I suppose we might get a bit of sleet if the rain continues into the late night, but I'll probably be asleep by then. I hope my feral cats manage to stay dry.

The air is very still tonight, and already quite chilly. It's supposed to drop to 41 degrees before morning, but again I'll be asleep by then and covered in blankets and cat, plus the furnace will be keeping the room about sixty, so I should be quite comfortable. As long as the cat doesn't decide to disturb me. She sometimes decides to curl up right against my face and I wake up and start sneezing. Well, sneezing is better than suffocating I suppose, which might happen if I didn't wake up. I don't much like the idea of my obituary saying that I was smothered by my cat. Embarrassing.

I just went out for a minute and a slight breeze was stirring the leaves. The wind might pick up later, as it sometimes does. It probably won't get strong enough to hum me to sleep, but since I've been up since about seven o'clock this morning I doubt I'll need its assistance. My very late lunch is wearing off and as soon as I eat a late snack I expect I'll start nodding off. Especially since I'll be having some late beer with it. I'm thinking popcorn would be nice, with lots of butter. Nothing like carbs and fat and alcohol to put one to sleep. Pleasant dreams.

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