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Zone Alarm runs a security check on my computer every afternoon, and if it finds something untoward it will then run a more thorough check, which can take eight or ten hours. That's what happened last night. The machine got so slow that I couldn't get an entry posted, or do anything else, so then I went to watch television and, not surprisingly, it put me to sleep. When I woke up about two o'clock in the morning the security check was done and the nasty trojan neutralized, but I didn't feel like thinking enough to write an entry at that hour, so I just went back to sleep. And that's why there's no entry for yesterday.

The reason there won't be much of an entry for today is that, even though Zone Alarm is not checking for ticks tonight, the computer has still been very slow and doing some of what I wanted to do has taken forever. Also, I squandered quite a bit of time at Farcebook (yes, I'm terribly ashamed.) I haven't even made dinner yet. It will probably be a can of soup and a few tortillas. I might top it off with a few walnuts, as I gathered several more today and they are taking up more and more room, even though I foisted a big bag of them on my sister. There are still at least twenty dozen nuts on the tree. They come down in large numbers after a rain, and the next rain is scheduled for Sunday, so I expect to be gathering a bunch more on Monday, even if the squirrels and birds and raccoons get a lot of them first. I'm going to have to find some place to put them all.

The air is quite nippy tonight, but smells delightfully fresh, with a hint of damp pine. It's supposed to get warmer tomorrow and remain so through Saturday, though it will only get into the mid-sixties. After the last couple of days it's going to feel quite balmy, though. I'm wondering if I should attempt to shop on Friday again, to avoid getting out in Sunday's rain? Probably, although the stores are total zoos on Fridays. We'll see.

Blood sugar has crashed. Soup time.

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