rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

In Which There Are Scheduling Issues

I've made tentative arrangements to go shopping either tomorrow or Saturday, and thus avoid getting out in the rain that is due Sunday and Monday. When I was younger I didn't mind getting wet and would sometimes take walks in downpours, but such experiences no longer please me. I still enjoy the rain, but prefer to enjoy it from a warm, comfy room or, at the least, a covered porch. True, I then don't get to see the lights reflected in the pavement of busy streets, nor to watch the atomized droplets spraying behind the tires of speeding cars, but I've found that a mice cup of tea and some cookies offer quite adequate compensation for such deprivation.

The sourgrass by the front porch, which died back completely this year due to my failure to give it sufficient water during the summer heat, has a few green shoots and a handful of little purple flowers. I don't know if all the plants will recover, but at least three of them appear to be doing so. Also, the walnut crop is bigger than I'd expected, even though the walnuts themselves are smaller than usual, again thanks to the drought. I've got two large bags full (plastic grocery store bags) and they should last quite a while. Now,if only I could find my nutcracker. I might have to break down and buy a new one.

One of the things I keep not getting around to is cutting back the jasmine hedge. This time of year it sends out long runners, and those which trail on the ground interfere with the raking as the rake snags in their leaves. The runners that stick out in midair are a threat only to my eyes, but so far neither has been put out. It's possible that the runners might be cut in such a way that they could be planted and I could grow another jasmine hedge in some other part of the yard, but that would probably be a lot of bother to go to just to duplicate something I already have.

If I remember correctly, there are supposed to be English people murdering one another on television tonight. I can't be sure, though, as this time of year the PBS stations don't have very stable schedules, and the TV guide feature Comcast provides doesn't go more than a few hours ahead, so tonight's programming wasn't yet displayed when last I had the television on. I suppose I should go check it now. If there will be murders I want to schedule my dinner to coincide with them Nothing like a British murder to whet the appetite for a nice bowl of chili.

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