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Chiller & Chiller [Nov. 4th, 2015|08:27 pm]
It's getting colder and colder. Friday and Saturday could have highs in the low sixties, but everything else ahead is fifties by day and low forties or even mid-thirties by night. Looks like we're going to get another of those cold Novembers like we had last year, and that usually means December will be quite cold too. Only two upcoming days have a possibility of rain, and they are Sunday and Monday. Maybe I should try to go shopping on Friday. I don't want to be getting soaked again like I did this week.

The shopping trip should be shorter this time, as the stores are back in sale famine mode. There are only about a dozen items worth getting. There might be more bargains once Thanksgiving Day draws near, though many of those will be holdiay-related, and I'm not a big turkey or cranberry fan. Safeway usually has deals on pumpkin pies, and I'll definitely want that, and I wouldn't mind a sale on yams, but they can keep that nasty stuffing mix. Some cornbread would be nice, but people don't seem to make cornbread for Thanksgiving anymore. Personally, I like cornbread and chili for Thanksgiving dinner, but then I'm probably a bit weird.

I'm a bit concerned about the feral cats. This is going to be the coldest night yet this fall, and I hope they can find places to sleep that aren't too chilly. A couple who get long well enough with Portia can come in the house, and one has access to the garage and frequently sleeps on the top of the water heater, so I don't have to worry about them. Another has a cupboard on the back porch that is a bit protected and has a pillow in it to sleep on, and he seems to be satisfied with that. The others no longer stay in the yard, and I have no idea where they go. Maybe they burrow into piles of leaves, or find warmish spots elsewhere, but I really have no idea.

I got dinner started late again, but it should be ready shortly. It had to be something soft tonight as I've bitten my cheek five times since last night. I think that's a personal best— or worst, more accurately. My teeth have always had it in for me. Well, remembering how they constantly attacked me will make it easier to live without them once they are gone and I'm reduced to eating soup and mush. Oh, and baked potatoes. Next week one of the stores has ten pound bags of russets for $1.88. I'll be eating lots of baked potatoes this month. Good thing this is the best time of year for them.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2015-11-05 08:10 pm (UTC)
My grandfather liked cornbread crumbled into milk, and that could be a treat for you when you gots no more teef. (I bite the insides of my cheeks too. What the heck, Mother Nature? Why you made us so prone to this?)

It's been cold here too, and rainy. I thought El Nino was going to make it dry and warm all fall. Psych!

At Fred Meyer today, I saw Lofthouse cookies that had pumpkin pie icing. I didn't buy them, because I have to avoid cinnamon (isn't that sad?), but they looked good.
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2015-11-06 01:10 am (UTC)
I don't like anything crumbled into milk (unless it's very finely crumbled cocoa powder, or malted milk powder.) When I was a kid my dad used to break a couple of slices of bread into a bowl of milk and sprinkle sugar on it. I ate it a couple of times, but by the time I was five years old I knew I really didn't like the stuff at all. I never much liked cold cereal in milk, either, and gave that up not long after.

Now crackers or tortillas or croûtons or crusty bread in hot soup I can go for, but that's a whole different kind of cuisine.

Not being able to eat cinnamon is very sad indeed. Does that include the cinnamon in apple pie? I can't imagine apple pie without cinnamon (or cassia bark, which is what most of the cinnamon in American markets actually is.)
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[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2015-11-06 01:18 am (UTC)
Mmm, crackers in hot soup. I had some at the dive next door for lunch, just right on a chilly day!

I noticed soon after my reflux kicked in, 13+ years ago, that anything made with lots of cinnamon could set it off painfully. I can sneak in a little once in a while, like a piece of pie on Turkey Day, but on the whole, I avoid it. To tell the truth, though, Cinnabon with its omnipresent cinnamon stench has taken a lot of the fun out of that spice. And all the candles in the stores! Ugh, too much.
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