rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Goodbye, Indian Summer

Tonight there's a chance the furnace won't have to come on. It was a pleasantly mild day, and the evening is still fairly warm. It's supposed to be mild again tomorrow as well, but a bit less so. After the rain that is to arrive Sunday and last through Monday the truly autumnal weather should begin. There will be no more days with highs in the seventies, and the nights will start dropping down into the forties.

If the furnace stays off all night tonight it's likely to be the last time it does so until spring. I'm not looking forward to having the windows closed all the time to conserve the costly heat. They were open for about six hours today, but I don't know for how long I'll be able to have them open tomorrow. After that the house is apt to be stuffy for a very, very long time.

While it's not stuffy outdoors, someone is burning something tonight, and it doesn't smell good. In fact it smells a bit like burning rubber. I don't think anybody in the neighborhood is so desperate that they are burning old tires in their fireplace, but it sure smells like it. It's probably just rotten wood, though— something somebody had left over from last year that was improperly stored, and they haven't gotten around to getting this year's wood yet so they have to burn the old stuff. Slackers.

I fell asleep much too early last night, and then slept much too late today. I woke up for a while before dawn but managed to get back to sleep. If I'd known how long I'd remain asleep I'd not have done it. I must have slept about ten hours altogether. I'll just consider it catch-up sleep, but I hope it doesn't happen again any time soon.

Of course I can usually depend on some sort of disruption to my sleep schedule this time of year. Daylight Saving time ends tomorrow night, so Sunday I'd be seeing the sun just about overhead at noon, if there was going to be any sun on Sunday. It's probably going to be raining though, so I probably won't even notice the difference. until it turns dark an hour earlier than usual.

Oh, it's about to be Halloween, isn't it. I almost forgot that, too. Everything sneaks up on me anymore.

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