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So my head is yanked for another month, but the adjustment did nothing for the low-grade headache I've had lately, so the headache must be either sinus-related or tooth-related (or my old standby, a brain tumor.) Aside from the headache I'm actually feeling pretty decent tonight, meaning nothing else aches and I'm not nodding off even though I didn't get a nap this afternoon. Of course the night is young (way younger than I am, to be sure) and I still might fall asleep in the middle of The Daily Show. And I might get indigestion again once I've had my dinner.

The weather was very nearly perfect today, and will probably be very pleasant tonight as well, though it will get a bit too chilly to have the windows open all night. Having the windows open all night is the one thing I miss about the warmer weather. I have more energy now that it's cooler, though, and it is worth the trade-off. Besides which I get to keep the windows open most of the day now, and that's nice too— just not quite as nice as having them open at night when the world is quiet, and nobody is likely to run a smelly power lawn mower or leaf blower.

There is another week of pleasant weather ahead, and a chance of more rain a week from tomorrow, both of which are welcome. I've found quite a few walnuts under the tree, and it looks like they will be plentiful, though they are averaging a bit smaller than usual. That would be a consequence of the drought. I forgot the pick them up this evening, though, and now it's too dark, so the raccoons will probably get today's crop. No great loss. I do enjoy listening to them crack the shells in the darkness, and imagining how delighted the little beasts must be to get such a special treat. It's worth a few nuts to me.

And yay, I didn't have to turn the furnace on last night after all. My cough didn't keep me awake, and though the house was down to 61 degrees by the time I woke up I only coughed for a little while this morning. If I remember it next time I go shopping I'm going to pick up a lemon so I can make some lemon and honey. That used to ease my coughing when I was a kid, and maybe it will still work.

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