rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Meringue

I came across this remarkable photo (by Craig Lindsay) of a group of mammatus clouds, so named for their mammary-like shapes. I've seen mammatus clouds a few times, but only in their usual state, which is hanging from the bottoms of a mass of cumulus or nimbus clouds. The photo is the only time I've ever seen them floating independently. In this state they look to me not so much like boobs as like dumplings. A sky full of enormous dumplings! It makes me hungry just to look at them.

An assortment of photos of more commonplace mammatus clouds can be seen on this web page.

There have been some clouds here today, but they have been mostly cirrus, with the occasional appearance of a few cumulus. They are unlikely to bring any more rain, but the ground is still damp from the rain we had a couple of nights ago, so no problem. Though mostly scattered, the clouds we had did manage to keep the day a bit cooler than expected. The afternoon high was about 68.

In the house it hasn't gotten above 64 degrees all day, even though I had the windows open during the warmest part of it, and I fear that before the night is much older I'll be forced to turn on the furnace. I've enjoyed the coolness, but the night is apt to get too chilly for me. When it gets much below 64 I usually start coughing, and then I get a headache. I have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow and don't want a cough and headache to keep me from getting enough sleep. A dollar or so spent on gas for the furnace will be well spent.

I never did get around to baking my frozen pumpkin pie Saturday, but it's just as well. No more pumpkin was available at Safeway's pie sale. I picked up another nice lemon meringue instead. It doesn't require baking, so I've let it thaw in the refrigerator per the instructions and will have some after dinner. Cold pie might not be entirely appropriate to the weather, but at least lemon reminds me of the warm climes in which the fruit grows, so it's not entirely inappropriate, either.

As for dinner, I haven't decided what to have yet. There will be no dumplings, alas. I've tried making them in the past, but sadly the skill eludes me. Who would think that so simple a dish would be so challenging? Maybe I'll have a can of corn,potato and pepper soup and dip my tortillas in it. That's probably as close to dumplings as I'm apt to get.

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