rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I don't know if we had another nice sunset tonight or not, as I slept through it. I was watching something on television and I guess it wasn't interesting enough to keep me awake— or to remember, as I've totally forgotten what it was. The sunset might have been nice, as we did have a considerable number of cirrus clouds floating about last time I was outside late this afternoon.

When I woke up it was already too dark to water the shrubs, so they'll have to wait until Monday to get a drink.Cirrus clouds can make for a fairly decent sunset, though not one as good as cumulus clouds do. I spent a bit more time than usual outdoors today, as the days are getting shorter and I want to store up as much vitamin D as I can before the gray days of winter set in. I don't get much in summer because the heat drives me into the shade or back indoors.

On of my feral kitties has been sick today, and threw up a bit of frothy white liquid a couple of times, and periodically meows at me as though something hurts. This one lets me touch him, so I was able to check his nose and it isn't warm, so I don't think it's an infection of any sort. He most likely ate something he shouldn't have eaten. I'll just keep checking on him as long as I'm awake, and hope he's better tomorrow. I might be awake for quite a while, given that long evening nap I had.

Right now I'm going to find something to snack on. Probably some celery. I keep forgetting I've got it, and it's going to move beyond edible if I don't get around to it soon. I wish I had some cream cheese to put in it, but I guess I'll have to make do with peanut butter.

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