rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Burn, Burn Again

Oy, what a day. I made the mistake of eating an avocado sandwich for lunch, having forgotten the terrible indigestion they always give me. But every once in a while the memory fades and I eat one, because they are so tasty. I have no idea why avocado sandwiches do that to me. Other sandwiches don't, and other dishes with avocado in them don't, but when I put avocado on toast it invariably turns my stomach into the cauldron of Vesuvius. It burns, it burns! But at least it hasn't erupted.

Dinner has been delayed due to the indigestion, and due to the long evening nap I took (napping didn't help my stomach, and in fact probably made the condition last longer.) Although I'm starting to feel a bit hungry now, I'm afraid to try eating for fear the burning might come back stronger than ever. Maybe I can get away with eating a bit of ice cream, which would take the edge off my hunger for a while.

Anyway, the indigestion was so distracting that I got next to nothing done today. Oh, I did manage to get my toenails trimmed, which is a major project now that my joints have stiffened up so much that reaching my toes is very difficult. I knew I'd someday regret not taking yoga classes. Trimming them was well worth the trouble, though. It's nice not to have my toes stabbing and slashing one another with their overlong nails. I was starting to feel as though a bunch of tiny pirates were trapped in my shoes and trying to fight their way out.

Whoa, my browser crashed, but luckily LJ's auto-save is working again and restored the entry. I hate trying to reconstruct stuff I've written. I always feel like what was lost was so much better.

Anyway, I want to go outside for a few minutes now. It was pretty warm today, and I'd like to enjoy the cool night air for a while. Staring at a computer screen gets so tedious.

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