rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

What, Where?

We've had a rather spectacular sunset sky tonight. The spectacle spread from horizon to horizon, thanks to an abundance of clouds that gradually quit being white and turned vivid orange before fading to mauve. I'm watching the last of it through my west-facing window right now, and there the clouds have turned a remarkable shade of pale, translucent red. I'd love to find a fruit of that color, because it looks delicious. Ah, now it is getting a bit purple because the light is almost gone.

The first stars ought to be emerging about now, but I'll have to go outside to see them. The waning moon won't be up for several hours. I expect it to be a pleasant night, as it will be cool and a nice breeze is expected later. I can't start enjoying it just yet, though, as I totally forgot to make my grocery list yesterday and again today, so I'd better do it now, just in case Safeway has some good deals for their Friday only sale.

I'm not sure where today went, though I didn't spend any of it napping, but I have only the vaguest memory of falling down the Internet's rabbit hole, and then nothing. I think some malevolent web site might have hypnotized me, planted post-hypnotic suggestions, then told me to forget everything, and sometime tonight I'll start to cluck like a chicken, or take my pants off and shout "I love raspberry candy!" If so, good thing Portia is not one of those nervous cats. And good thing I otherwise live alone.

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