rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More of the Same

The damaged crown came off entirely, so I don't have to worry about swallowing it in my sleep. The stump hasn't started to hurt yet, unless I let something too hot or too cold touch it. Eating and drinking gingerly is annoying. I'm worried about eating popcorn. I just remembered to buy some this week, after forgetting for about three weeks running. Great timing.

But I have very pleasant weather in which to be partly toothless. It hasn't been getting cold enough for people to be using their fireplaces yet, so the air is unsullied by smoke, but the evenings are now definitely hoodie weather. It's also not so chilly that I can't leave a few windows open all night. The mornings are crisp, but the house has remained above sixty degrees so far. It's nice to sleep under a blanket again, and shiver a bit when I go outside early in the morning.

With luck, this mild weather will continue through October and into November. With a bit more luck there will be a few good rainstorms during this period. This evening I had to water the droopy shrubs in the back yard again, so early rain would be very welcome, but there is none in the forecast. Some years fall will pass entirely without rain. El Niño might bring some this year, but there's no certainty. It sometimes drops all its rain on the southern part of the state and leaves us dry.

Anyway, that, like my impending toothaches, hasn't happened yet, so I'm just going to enjoy this fine, mild autumn while it lasts, and hope I don't sneeze my brains out from the stuff the dried grass is putting into the air.

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