rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Most of the afternoon the mountains were shrouded in clouds, and there might be some rain up there but none is expected here. However, a strong wind has arisen, and it could grow quite fierce tonight. Already the sound of its gusts are loud enough to penetrate the walls and closed windows of the house, and outside it is un-raking the piles of leaves I failed to put into the wheelie bins. Had I known the wind was coming I'd have been more conscientious. As it is I'll have to re-rake many of them tomorrow or Monday, and they will have plenty of company from the fresh cascades of leaves that are falling now.

October is often a mild month here, but the current ten day forecast is on the mildest end of mild, shading from early autumnal into late summery more than once. It would be a great time to barbecue, if I did that sort of thing. It would also be a great time for nature to barbecue the whole region, if any fires get started. Fire season is far from over, which makes this wind, invigorating though it is, a bit threatening as well. It wouldn't take long for a fire to grow large with this much wind blowing on it, and sparks and embers could fly a long way on the powerful gusts that are expected.

Of course the other big danger from windstorms here is power outages. Any big gust is apt to take down a tree and the tree is as likely as not going to take some utility lines with it. For that reason the computer is going to have to go to sleep now, and probably stay asleep until tomorrow afternoon when the wind is expected to die down. If the house is still here, I'll be back.

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