rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today I failed to nap, so I don't know how long I'll stay awake tonight (and I just wrote a long whine about the consequences of not napping, but it sounded so stupid that I deleted it.) I didn't get to the store, either, so I'm running out of a few things. That means I could end up having key lime pie for dinner. At least that's the excuse I'll make (I had to eat pie, there wasn't anything else.) Actually there is lots of stuff I really don't want, but most of it things that would be way better for me than pie.

Maybe I could burn one of them and thus strengthen the excuse for eating pie? Not that anybody's actually going to jump on me for eating pie for dinner, but there's that stupid voice that lives in my head and keeps telling me I'm supposed to eat something that's "good" for me. You know what? To hell with that voice! I'm eating the damned pie! I'll be dead in a few years anyway, proper diet or not, and that stupid voice will die with me, so I'll just pretend it's already dead.

Anyway. It's going to be a major shopping trip Sunday. After several weeks of having next to nothing on sale the stores have all sorts of stuff on sale this week. Some of it isn't even junk food. I'll be getting enough soup to last a couple of months, and there will be some frozen stuff too. Safeway also has avocados cheap for the first time in a couple of months. Oh, and pears, too, just in time for the cooler weather.

The storm that didn't drop much rain was entirely gone today, and it turned fairly warm again, but not uncomfortably so. It will get chilly tonight, and there are no really hot days coming up, so I'm expecting a pleasant week. It will be more pleasant if I can get a decent amount of sleep.
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