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The ground was damp when I woke up today, so it must have sprinkled a bit last night. Though it was cloudy all day there was no more rain until near dusk, when a brief thundershower arrived. There have been a few sprinkles since, but not enough to give the shrubs the water they didn't get when I decided not to irrigate them last night. The clouds are still hanging about, so there might be a bit more rain tonight but I'm not counting on it. I'd miss it in any case, as I'm getting sleepy already and will be lucky if I can stay awake until midnight.

I'm not sure I'll be able to get to the store tomorrow, but as Safeway has only one item on its Friday sale that I'd like to get it won't be a big deal if I don't. They actually have quite a few things on sale this week, but they will remain available until Tuesday, so no rush.

I spent quite a bit of this afternoon reading Debacle, Inc., a long article by Greg Grandin, author of the book Kissinger’s Shadow: The Long Reach of America's Most Controversial Statesman, from which this article, which is primarily about the strange doctor's machinations in the Middle East, was derived. I've long thought of Kissinger as one of the more sinister figures of American government in the 20th century, and Grandin's piece gives considerable substance to my notion of him. I don't often do webloggy linkage to stuff, but I found this article well worth reading— even though I'll probably end up having bad dreams featuring Kissinger's creepy visage tonight.

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