rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So far we've gotten no rain, but the sky is looking quite promising. It was overcast much of the day and right now most of the stars are hidden, so there appears to be a good chance that it will rain before morning. That's why I decided to leave the yard unwatered tonight. Better still, the long range forecast has been revised and cooler days are now predicted, most in the low seventies and a few in the sixties. I'm eagerly anticipating having some hot chocolate soon, but I must replenish my milk supply first.

The shortened evenings are sneaking up on me. I'm a bit shocked when I go out at seven o'clock and it's already almost dark. I keep thinking I've got more time to do stuff outside, but I don't. Likewise, I keep thinking that it's almost time for something I'm going to watch on television, but it turns out that it isn't on for an hour yet. I'll probably be used to it by the time Daylight Saving Time ends, and then I'll have to adjust all over again.

Today I decided to skip lunch and eat an early dinner around four o'clock instead, so I don't have to worry about what to cook tonight. If I get hungry again before I go to sleep I can always make the peanut butter sandwich didn't have for lunch. Popcorn would be more appropriate to the weather, but I forgot to buy more this week (and the week before.) I must remember to get some this week. Popcorn is an autumn essential.

I keep going out to check on the sky every few minutes, but it still isn't raining. Sadly, some of the neighbors have decided to light fires in their fireplaces, so the night is beginning to small smoky, but that will diminish once they've all gone to sleep. Then the nocturnal beasts and I can have the clean might air to ourselves.

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