rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Today was the first day of the year when it was too hot to go for an afternoon walk. I hope to find some time this evening, after the sun moves a bit north and allows some shade on the long, baked street that runs eastward to the last ridge, where the breezes rise up the canyon from the river. I suspect that we are in for a hot summer, given the mildness of last winter and the dryness of spring.

For now, I'm just spending a bit of time in the shade of the mulberry tree in the front yard. As the sun declines, I can see the light caught on the tops of small bits of the big, shiny leaves, and they flash brightly as they move in what little breeze has reached us. Only a few minutes of rest here, and then I must get back to the daily tasks. They refuse to wait, and so will the day, and the summer. Time at times is unkind.

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