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The chill in the air tonight has a definite autumnal quality. The clouds that began gathering this afternoon still looked like summer clouds, but by Thursday night they could be autumnal too. There is a chance of rain Thursday, and another chance on Sunday, although the daytime highs are expected to remain above seventy for the next ten days. It is that transitional time when the days retain a hint of summer while the nights slip into fall.

October is almost here, and October is an ambiguous month when there are soft peaches and crisp apples. The variety of days is welcome after the monotony of summer's heat, and a finite pleasure before winter's monotonous cold sets in. Rain on the first day of October would be a fitting welcome for it.

I can still hear a few small crickets buzzing away, but they are not nearby. This has not been a bad summer as far as the noisy little bugs go. I've had to endure only a few nights when they were so loud and persistent as to be annoying. That might be one of the compensations the drought has brought: brown plants and higher water bills, but quieter nights during small cricket season. I'll consider that a good trade.

The gardenias are still blooming. I'm wondering of the stress of getting too little water has contributed to their persistence this year? If so, they are unlike the jasmine, which blooms well into summer as long as it keeps getting watered, but stops as soon as the soil turns dry. Some fruit and nut trees actually increase their output in dryer years, and the gardenias might be of their sort. Still, it's very odd to have that spring fragrance lingering at the end of September.

The house has cooled off nicely tonight, and I think it's time to fix something for dinner. I still haven't decided what, but I can surely have the oven on tonight. The temperature is headed into the low sixties. I'm hoping the stores will have frozen pies cheap this week, as I'm ready to start baking them again. I should also pick up some eggs, as I have a couple of boxes of brownie mix just waiting to be baked. I fully intend to enjoy fall by overdosing on sugar.

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