rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I think I'm having post-eclipse depression. This evening I had another unintentional nap and didn't wake up until the tail end of dusk, when the western sky was still slightly pale but everything else had gone dark. Tonight the sky was cloudless so I could see the moon clearly (except for a latticework of twigs and leaves) not long after it rose.

It was in the spot where, last night, I could just make out its reddened shape through the clouds that soon obscured it again. By the time the moon had climbed above the band of clouds the eclipse was well past totality. I've gotten a better view of it from photos on the Internets. Anyway, the whole event was somewhat disappointing, but then this cheered me up.

There'd be no time for enjoying my depression tonight, anyway. Tomorrow is trash day and I have to get the wheelie bins out. I'd intended to get some leaves into the brown bins, but never got around to it, so the piles of early autumn will keep growing for another two weeks. Well, the feral cats will have fun running and jumping through them. I wish I could be that easily entertained.
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