rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I managed to get most of this week's shopping done today, but can't really be very pleased with myself as I just passed through the kitchen and realized that I still haven't done last night's dishes. I was hoping that the cooler weather would increase my energy, but it hasn't. I'm still as unfocused and slothful as I was in the middle of August, and I keep forgetting what I'm doing. The leaves remain unraked, the cloth I use to cover the living room sofa remains unlaundered, and for the third week in a row I forgot to buy popcorn. I've misplaced my to-do list, but then I probably forgot to put quite a few things on it that need doing, so even if I find it it probably won't do much good.

Still it's very pleasant weather in which to develop dementia. Most of the plants are still alive, despite my frequent failure to water them, and even the unraked leaves are doing no harm, as they block sunlight only from the lawns that are already dead because of the drought. The cool evening air is fresh and, tonight at least, unsullied by anybody's laundry detergents or bath soaps. Neither skunks nor brush fires are befouling it, it's gotten too chilly for anyone to still be barbecuing, and and it's not yet cold enough for anyone to have a fire in their fireplace. Event he small crickets have quieted down a bit, so there is no irritating background screech going on. I think I'll go out and sit on the back porch and enjoy it all for a while, but first I really ought to deal with those dirty dishes before I forget them again. Then I just hope I can find the back door.

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