rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Rats! I totally forgot I was going to water the back yard this evening, and now it's too dark, even with the moon getting close to full. It will be full Sunday night, and there will be a total eclipse. The eclipse will already be underway as the moon rises here, and it might still be partly behind the trees when it reaches totality, so I won't be getting the best view of it.

Still, coming as early in the evening as it will I'm sure I'll still be awake to see what can be seen of it. This is the last eclipse in a lunar tetrad (four lunar eclipses, each six lunar months apart) which is pretty rare, and there won't be any more total lunar eclipses at all visible from here until January, 2018. That will be a chilly night, I'm sure, but this coming Sunday is apt to be as mild as tonight. It should be perfect eclipse-watching weather.

But tonight, mild though it is, is just an ordinary night, with my droopy, un-watered shrubs hidden in the darkness. Well, there is one odd thing: somebody nearby must be doing laundry with one of those smelly fabric softeners, and somebody is also cooking some meat which doesn't smell quite fresh. The combination of the two is fairly repulsive. Fortunately I can only smell it in the back yard, while the front yard still smells of gardenias. Whatever is stinking up the back yard will dissipate as the night wears on, but the scent of gardenias will remain.

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