rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

At Least It's Officially Fall

It didn't get quite as hot as had been forecast today, probably thanks to some clouds that moved in overnight. They never filled the whole sky, but they brought occasional moments of shade that softened the landscape and let it cool off a bit. There have been some pleasant breezes, too, and the gardenias are still blooming so the air is nicely scented. I haven't smelled any smoke, either, because all the nearby fires have been put out. That one day of rain was very helpful.

I woke up way before dawn today, but then went back to sleep about an hour later and didn't wake up again until about one o'clock in the afternoon. Naturally I didn't do any leaf raking after that. I also totally forgot to eat anything more after downing a granola bar and some iced tea early this afternoon, so my blood sugar is flat-lining right now. It's probably time I should find something to stuff myself with. Before my brain shuts down. If it hasn't already. Oh, I think it has.


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