rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mmmm. Cookies

It's supposed to get pretty hot again on Sunday, and the night is to be mild, so that might be the last time this year when I can leave the windows open all night. I'll have to close them later tonight as it will be getting down into the high fifties. I let the house get fairly warm today so I could leave the windows open as late tonight as possible, and if I end up falling asleep before closing them and the house ends up very chilly tomorrow, morning no big deal. It will warm up fast enough tomorrow.

According to the long-range forecast there's no more rain in sight, but then the recent rain didn't show up in the forecast until about four days before it arrived, so there's room for adjustment. It would be nice to have some rain at least once a week throughout autumn. It's very unlikely, I know, but it would make me very happy to have that unlikely thing happen.

I keep forgetting that Stephen Colbert is back on television, and must remember to watch him tonight. I've only seen about half of his shows so far as I either forget it's coming on or I fall asleep before it starts. Tonight I intend to watch even though I'm nodding even as I type. Maybe I should have a cup of tea, and take my chances that it will end up keeping me awake until dawn. I'm sure I've got some shortbread cookies to go with it.

Also, who the hell does this guy think he is, the Pope of Rome?

And who does this guy think he is, the High Priest of Mammon? (actually, he just might be.)

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