rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It began raining about four o'clock this evening. Not piddly rain, either, but a nice healthy rain that quickly went from speckling the ground to turning the pavement shiny and changing the bare earth from pale, reddish brown to the deep, rich color of cocoa powder. The downspouts were soon burbling and the leaves dripping, and rivulets appeared along the verges of the road. It has been falling ever since. It is perfect timing, as today was to have been a watering day for the front yard. Now I can just let the sky do it for me, and save on my water bill. It should also help contain the fires that are still burning around the region.

Had I thought of it sooner it would also have been the perfect day to make the first hot cocoa of the year. But I much prefer cocoa in the daytime, and now night is falling. Well, I have some frozen manicotti heating up in the oven, so there was no need of an afternoon snack anyway. I intend to stuff myself with pasta tonight, to celebrate the return of cool weather. There will be garlic toast, too, and a salad. The only vegetables I have on hand are frozen peas and some corn on the cob, neither of which is especially appropriate to an Italian meal. Maybe I'll open a can of olives and pass them off on myself as a vegetable. I'm pretty gullible when it comes to food.

The rain isn't supposed to last for very long, and tomorrow a warming trend will begin, but it will have been nice to have had a pleasant break and a free yard watering. There's no more rain in the long-range forecast, so the next storm will arrive sometime after the autumnal equinox. How long after is anybody's guess, but I'm hoping for a fairly wet autumn. It makes raking the leaves more troublesome, but it will be totally worth it to have a dent put in the drought.

That manicotti is pretty close to ready, so I should get started making the salad. It's going to be so nice to have a hot meal that hasn't been microwaved.

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