rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Continued Coolth

Though the equinox is yet a few days off, today was perfectly autumnal, with overcast sky and chilly breezes. There are even lots of fallen leaves on the ground already, thanks to the desiccating heat of recent weeks. Those days are unlamented, and the cooling trend has brought me nothing but delight, as have the breezes, which, being from the north, have kept the smoke from the fires away. Tonight it is even cool enough that I can wear a hoodie when I go outdoors. I must enjoy this break while I can, though, as next week is supposed to heat up quite a bit.

Sadly, transportation issues prevented me from keeping my appointment with the chiropractor today. It has been rescheduled for next Tuesday. It will then be six weeks since my last adjustment, and my unadjusted neck is showing signs of displeasure about the whole thing. However, the low-grade headache I suffered for the last couple of weeks has lessened, which means it is probably not neck-related. It is most likely the result of dry plant-based stuff in the dry air messing with my sinuses. Or a brain tumor, of course. But weather related is more likely, as the lessening has accompanied the cooling. If it returns with the heat I'll know for sure.

It's nice to have the windows closed tonight, so I don't have to hear those screechy, small crickets. It's also nice that the nearest of the fires is now 40% contained, up from 20% yesterday. As the coolness is expected to continue for at least the next couple of days it's quite possible that it will have been put out by the time the heat returns. With luck, I'm done with inhaling smoke for the season (knock on what wood remains unburned.)

Though the weather has improved, the performance of this computer hasn't. I'm going to let it go to sleep now. Maybe it will be less cranky tomorrow.

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