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After a smoky, overcast morning a north breeze arose and cleared the air. It also brought clouds which have occasionally sprinkled. There wasn't supposed to be any chance of rain until Wednesday, but the forecast has been revised and there could be rain tonight and tomorrow, which would be very good news for the firefighters. The rapidly declining temperature is also good news. The house never got hot today, and certainly won't get hot tomorrow. In fact it's not supposed to get warm again until Thursday, and shouldn't get hot again until next week. Summer is finally getting the beatdown it deserves.

Though there hasn't been much rain, it has been sufficient to give the night an autumnal scent of wet earth and leaves. The air now being free of smoke and surprisingly cool I'm going to enjoy sitting on the back porch for a while, catching up on the breathing I didn't get to do for the last couple of days. I'm not sure how long the clean air will last, though. The shifting winds today caused the fire on the other side of Oroville Lake to break out of its containment lines and it has expanded to 800 acres, leaving it down to 20% contained from yesterday's 25% contained. Some good rain would help knock it down quickly, but if we don't get that then we could be smelling smoke off and on for quite some time yet.

One bonus of the cool and damp is that the small crickets have gotten a lot quieter. That's going to make sitting outside much more pleasant. The coolness is also making the feral cats friskier, so I might have some entertainment as well. Shorty in particular likes to frolic on a cool evening. I'm going out to join him now, though I probably won't engage in any frolic myself. Sitting and watching is about as much as I can manage anymore.

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