rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Swelter

I spent most of the day hunkered down in the house trying to stay less than miserably hot. Shopping was out of the question, but Safeway's Friday sale had only one item I'd have wanted anyway, so no big loss. Sunday should be a bit cooler.

I finally remembered to clean the filter in the HVAC system, so maybe My sinuses will get less cloggy now. They've been bothering me for a couple of weeks, and might be responsible for the low-grade headaches I've had. I also finally figured out what the little grayish brown particles that never completely wash out of the filter are. They are the remains small moths or mosquitoes that got caught in it. Looking closely at them I could discern that they once had wings. I'm assuming that they are harmless.

There'll be no moon tonight, and the next full moon will be the first moon of Autumn. I'll be very happy to see it. This year I probably wont even complain very much about all the leaves I'll have to rake, so happy will I be that this torrid terror of a summer is gone. At least I won't complain much if Autumn is actually cool. I'm very mistrustful of this year, and wouldn't be surprised if it brings us a heat wave for Christmas.

Last night I had to leave the air conditioner on until about three o'clock in the morning. Tonight I hope I can have it turned off by two o'clock. Tomorrow is to be pretty hot, too, so I don't expect to get much done. I think the sun gets at least some of its heat from burning up my energy. I'm really glad there's such a thing as iced tea. I'd probably be comatose without it.

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