rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


This morning I saw a plume of reddish brown haze to the south. It turned out to be smoke from a fire that started yesterday afternoon in the mountains southeast of Sacramento. It's quite some distance off— at least 130 miles— but it is a large fire which has already consumed close to 10,000 acres, and the smoke has traveled quickly. This evening the entire sky is hazy, and until we get a wind from some direction other than the south it will undoubtedly remain hazy. So far the smoke is confined to the higher atmosphere, so I haven't been able to smell it. If we get an inversion layer it will probably settle and start stinking up the entire region. The fire is only 10% contained, so we are apt to have days of this ahead.

It reached an appalling 106 degrees here today, and now as the sun is setting it is still 96 degrees. Some clouds appear to be forming in the haze. The next two days are expected to be partly cloudy, and Sunday is to be mostly cloudy. This is always bad news in hot summer weather as the clouds hold the heat in at night. I had to turn the air conditioner on at five o'clock this evening, and probably won't be able to turn it off until Monday night. There goes all chance of a more moderate electric bill this month.

I just remembered to go out and water the plants in the back yard before it got too dark to see what I was doing. We're not supposed to water until after eight o'clock, and my smart water meter has undoubtedly reported my infraction to the irrigation district, but screw them. I'd waste more water if I did it after dark, and it's definitely dark at eight o'clock now. The autumnal equinox is less than two weeks away. Not a minute too soon, as far a I'm concerned.

No English murders on television tonight. Too bad. This heat has put me in the mood for murder.

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