rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

This Again

So the air conditioner is back on, and might have to stay on for quite a while. It's supposed to get down to 66 degrees tonight, eventually, but at the moment it has barely gotten down to 79, so I haven't much hope of being able to turn the machine off and open the windows anytime soon. The small crickets are screeching anyway, so it's just as well the windows have to be closed. The next three days are expected to top 100, and there will be only gradual cooling after that. The nights ought to be getting cooler next week, though, and I'm eagerly anticipating that.

I woke up today thinking it was Tuesday, and didn't find out it was Wednesday until I got the usual Wednesday email from Safeway telling me the new ad was available on their web site. I actually still haven't looked at it. The computer doesn't like the heat any more than I do and has been sluggish all day.

But, anyway, my appointment with the chiropractor isn't until next Tuesday, so I didn't miss it. But the low-grade headache I've had for the last couple of days is making me wish that it had been this Tuesday. I think that five weeks between adjustments might be just a little too long.

There is a frozen Italian entrée in the freezer and I intended to eat it this week, but the return of the heat forces me to put that plan on hold. The frozen dinners don't microwave well, so I must use the regular oven and I have no intention of turning that thing on until the weather cools off again. It's time to fire up the can opener instead. A can of chili beans will heat quickly enough on the stove top, and I've got lots of cheese to heap atop them. I've even got some romaine and cucumber for a salad, but no tomato, alas.

I wish this week was over and it was cool again.

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