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The small crickets are getting screechier every night. Now that I can have the windows open early in the evening they are very loud. They usually reach their peak in September, so I have only a short time to put up with them. It will be even shorter if we get some early rain, which sometimes happens when El Niño is as strong as it is this year. A good rain would shut the bugs up, at least for a while. I'm not going to wish for really cold weather to arrive early, even though that would shut them up until next summer, as I've just gone through so much electricity for cooling and don't want to have to start going through lots of gas for heating so soon after that.

For the last few days I've been getting low grade headaches. It could be something out of place in my neck again (no chiropractor until mid-month, so I hope not.) It might also be eye strain due tot he fact that I still haven't gotten new glasses for such a long time (it's been about ten years now.) Of course there's always my old standby explanation, a brain tumor, but though I've been expecting one for ages, so far I've been wrong. I feel like a Republican economist waiting for that runaway inflation they've been predicting for the last six years. Brain tumors and inflation are so unreliable.

I avoided snacking today by having dinner very early, and now I can snack late. The local PBS channel has an hour of English people killing one another tonight. It's a rerun, but I'll take what I can get. I might make some popcorn, as that goes well with murder. Especially when there's lots of butter on it. I could have Welsh Rarebit, as this is National Welsh Rarebit Day. I'm sure that would go well enough with murder, especially English murder (many of the Welsh would like to murder the English, I'm sure.) However, I just don't like the stuff. I'd much rather have a nice grilled cheese sandwich, but not tonight. Popcorn it is! Thanks, Native Americans.

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