rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cool at Last

It's a good thing it's finally cooled off here, as I didn't get a nap this afternoon and my dinner has been long delayed, leaving my blood sugar way too low, and I'd be very cranky indeed if I were too hot on top of all that. However, the cool breeze coming in my window is quite soothing, so the only problem resulting from the delayed dinner is that I can't think straight, and the only problem resulting from the lack of nap is that I keep dozing off, so I think I'll go microwave a burrito and eat it and then go to sleep, hopefully in that order, instead of trying to write a coherent journal entry. Maybe I'll be rational tomorrow, although shopping will take a big chunk out of my afternoon. I do hope to find something in the stores worth buying other than frozen burritos.

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