rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


All day the vapors of the air tried to decide if they would remain a bright, pearly overcast or become clouds. After several false starts they finally became clouds around mid-afternoon, and clouds they've been ever since. They've been nice to look at, and will provide a nice canvas for the moonlight, but they are also trapping the day's heat, as clouds are won't to do. Also, the high was higher than expected, so today was, other than the overcast, pretty much the same as yesterday. That means I've had to indulge myself with another evening of air conditioning, and though I hope to be able to turn it off sooner tonight than I did last night, the clouds make that unlikely.

Tomorrow's chance rain has been downsized from 50% to 20%, but there is now a 10% chance of rain tonight. I don't know, the clouds do seem thicker now than they did half an hour ago, so maybe. But as rain remains possible tomorrow it seems like the clouds will be hanging around all night. It was a bit muggy today, but evening has brought a dryer, but still sultry, breeze from the deserts beyond the mountains. The breeze might pick up and blow the clouds westward, allowing the air to cool a bit, or the clouds might fight back and dampen the breeze, turning the night muggy again. There's no telling what a night like this might bring.

The hot days have induced me to slack off on the house cleaning again, and there's a dustiness in the air I'd like to be rid of. The opening of the windows is hours away, if it comes at all tonight, so I'm probably stuck with the dustiness until then. I ought to run the vacuum tomorrow, whatever the weather. I just don't feel like hearing its whine tonight. After all, I've got my own whine to listen to.

The moon is certainly pretty among the clouds, though, and much more watchable that the usual Friday night television shows. I might as well go outdoors.

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